Thrive Church Apopka

All In (Week Four)

February 25, 2020


Open: Joshua calls Israel to consecration- Amazing Happens.  Following Jesus is dethroning self and enthroning HIM. It’s the complete divestiture of all self-interest. It’s giving God veto power. IT’S CONSECRATION

Week 1: Elisha/Rich Young Ruler: We can follow the rules, but not follow Jesus. Elisha has power and does unprecedented miracles; RYR disappears from scripture. What Jesus asked them to give up was nothing compared to what Jesus would have given them in return. IT’S FOLLOWING JESUS

Week 2- Abraham- Everything must be a means of glorifying God. Our dream must never become the end goal and God the means of fulfilling the dream. IT’S ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD

Week 3 /Last week-The woman with the Alabaster Jar of Perfume

 Jesus loved, praised, and rewarded Desperation for God that superseded decorum. IT’S DESPERATION

In this week's message Pastor Kevin teaches from Judges 3:1-31!